This website is not here for all of you to have a pissing contest or to disrespect anyone. It is here to point out some of the major differences between the two branches and to help out those who are stuck between choosing to enlist into the Army or the Marine Corps. If you think that one branch is better than the other, then that is fine. Ignorance reflects on those who are ignorant and not those who see things for what they truly are.
Neither branch is better or the best and both have certain things to offer. To some, the Army will be a better fit, while for others the Marine Corps will better suit them. At the end of the day both branches are similar, yet very different. Many people assume that because both branches have an infantry, then they must be the same. They are not the same and this website's mission is to try to show each of you some of the major differences between the two branches. If you are interested in enlisting into the Marine Corps, be sure to check out our sites for future Marines located in the "LINKS" page of this website.